Swimming Pool Construction

1Layout. We paint an outline of your pool on the ground before any work begins. This gives you an opportunity to see the shape and position before we excavate. Excavators use the layout as a guide when they dig.

2.Excavation. Excavation is where the elevation of your pool is determined and is one of the most critical stages of your project.  Our excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors, which create a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool.

3.Plumbing & Equipment. Our plumbers follow a detailed plan for the location of every feature, pool return and drain. All plumbing in our swimming pools is at least schedule 40 piping and the hydraulics are calculated specifically for the details of your project. We creatively minimize the fittings in your pool plumbing to prevent possible leaks.  You will notice that pipes are protruding out from the pool dig. These will be cut off near the end of construction and will finish flush to the final pool wall.

4.Steel/Rebar. Steel rebar provides the structural skeleton in all concrete swimming pools and is installed in a grid pattern to reinforce the strength of the shell. The vast majority of Arizona pool companies use standardized steel specifications driven with only the cost in mind. Our steel specifications include twice as much horizontal rebar as our competition’s standards, and are developed and engineered for your pool, in your particular soil, with the unique load and stress of your pool design.

5.Electrical. All electrical will be completed to code with proper safety and bonding criteria being met.  Features can include LED color pool lights with remote-control abilities. A timer and control panel will be placed with the equipment for daily pool system control. Optional water feature and spa control systems are also available.

6.Shotcrete (premixed concrete). In this phase, steps and benches are formed, spas take shape, and the pool begins to look like a pool. The shell which is under lifetime warranty is a minimum thickness of six inches thick, and in coves and all stress areas, it’s a minimum of eight inches thick.

7.Masonry, Structures and Rock. Step back and watch our rock installers and masons add beauty to your pool. You’ll see they are really closer to artists than construction workers. During this phase, we install boulders, waterfalls and anything that must be done prior to the deck, such as masonry barbecues, fire pits, pillars, gazebos and equipment walls.

8.Decking. Kool decks, stone decks, acrylic decks, colored concrete and pavers — we do it all. A deck must be built for durability, heat resistance and beauty. Construction issues, budget and beauty should all be taken into consideration when choosing the surface around your pool.

9.Tile. The waterline tile around the edge of your pool is not only decorative, but also structural. It provides a durable transition from below to above the waterline. Most interior surface choices are not meant to be installed above the waterline.

10.Interior Surfaces. Tile surfaces, pebble surfaces, stone surfaces, plaster and an array of colors and textures allow a pool to be customized. Our project manager will discuss the features, benefits and costs of each. Whatever your choice, we promise quality workmanship.

11.Landscaping.This is typically the last phase of construction. The trees, plants and ground covering materials are the frame that you put on the back yard picture.  Irrigation, lighting and control systems along with pots, borders and yard art will be completed and placed to perfection.

12.Start-Up and Orientation. After the pool is full of water, we will send one of our experts technicians out to install the final touches such as in-floor cleaning heads, aerators, water feature finishes and trim. They will also start up the pumps and make sure all the equipment is working properly and explain in detail how to operate and maintain all aspect of your new swimming pool.

13.Service, Warranty & Referral. When our crews and staff are completed and have left your yard, there is still more to the story.  We hope to build a life time relationship with you that will include any warranty work necessary and Big Daddy offers services and maintenance programs for everything we install.  Please tell your friends, co-workers and family about your experience and we will send you a referral fee for each of them who use us for their next project.